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Sinopec tells you, how important is an easy to expand and innovate network

Being able to carry out low cycle experiments

energy is not only the survival of all things, but also the source of the development of human civilization. The production and consumption mode of energy is also facing intelligent industrial reform. In order to meet the growing needs of business development, the petrochemical industry needs to actively transform, use information technology to improve the speed of enterprise business innovation, and lay the foundation for taking the lead in realizing the integration of industrialization and industrialization in the petrochemical industry in the future

Sinopec Jiangsu Petroleum Branch, in accordance with the industry construction trend, while strengthening the application of ERP, refueling card, logistics distribution, office automation and other information systems, actively promotes the interconnected applications of e-commerce, app, application and so on, improves the customer service level, and improves the competitiveness of enterprises. However, there are still deficiencies in information infrastructure construction:

1 The network equipment is old and has been running for seven or eight years, and the operating conditions of the information equipment are not perfect

2. The single point of failure of the core switch not only brings risks to the stable operation of the enterprise information system, but also is not conducive to the overall efficiency of the information system and infrastructure

advanced chemical materials 3 The network configuration strategy has also become complex over time, and the network isolation between different business departments has become difficult to maintain

in order to adapt to the speed of business innovation in the petrochemical industry, Sinopec Jiangsu Branch urgently needs to build an easy to expand and innovative network to achieve reliable and efficient business office needs. Huawei has made an in-depth analysis of customers' core demands and provided agile park network solutions:

1 CSS2, unique to the s12700 agile switch, is also one of the important fields of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon path in China's material industry. Instead of hardware cluster technology, it innovatively realizes the 1+n backup technology of the main control of the cluster system, so that the whole cluster system can work normally when there is only one main control, and the core reliability is greatly improved

2. Through SVF vertical virtualization technology, the whole virtualization is managed as a device, and the graphical network management system does not need complex command configuration. It lightly accelerates the industrial capital reorganization and integration, realizes the effective isolation of various business departments, greatly simplifies the management and maintenance of the network, and greatly shortens the speed of business online

3. The first real-time link quality detection in the industry can locate the location of data packet loss at the first time, so as to achieve rapid fault location

as Yi Si'an, director of the information management department of Sinopec Jiangsu Petroleum Branch, said:

Huawei's network transformation scheme not only greatly improves the performance and reliability of our original network, but also brings us a more convenient way to use it in maintenance. The speed of launching new services has been greatly improved than before

in the future, Huawei will continue to innovate and strive to provide customers with the best products and solutions. Up to now, Huawei's agile network solution has been applied in many industries, such as finance, education, rail transit, energy, government, etc., and has provided high-quality services to more than 2000 customers around the world

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