Siri is the most popular voice assistant, but ther

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Siri is the most popular voice assistant, but a large number of monthly users have lost

at present, there are not many AI assistants developed for mobile platforms on the market. Most of the voice assistants are developed by manufacturers. Of course, there are also third-party choices. But speaking of the popularity of voice assistants, Siri is also the most popular

According to the latest survey of verto analytics, Siri is the most popular voice assistant in the United States. Among the 71million U.S. users surveyed, Siri has 41.4 million monthly independent users, which is even more than half of the entire research object

at the same time, however, Siri experienced a loss of users. The survey pointed out that the lead screw: plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. During the period from May 2016 to may 2017, Siri lost 7.3 million independent users. In addition, the number of users of Samsung svoice also shows a decreasing trend. However, given that Samsung is currently focusing on Bixby, a new AI voice assistant, it is understandable that this situation is also scorched but not dripping

verto said that the emergence of independent products such as Google's easy home and Amazon echo may be a major reason for Siri's loss of users, but later this year, with the booming of emerging fields, Apple's homepod will be launched, and Siri's user volume may pick up at that time

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