Siri is the hottest apple. AI is not smart. Look a

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Apple Siri stall is in trouble. AI is not intelligent. Look at what Apple says

Apple Siri is in trouble. AI is not intelligent. Look what Apple says

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original title: Apple Siri stall is in trouble, AI is not intelligent, see what Apple says

as a technology giant, Apple has always been the most beautiful and popular product in the world, which is deeply loved by users. But Siri, an apple assistant, made a big mistake this time. What happened? The solution is to clean the buffer valve

in the original apple IOS 11, Siri has a new function of instant translation. When users directly voice, Siri will provide translation for the convenience of users

this is Siri's instant translation function, which caused great trouble. Apple Siri was exposed as an insulting translation, which also made the hot list

when you try to translate "Huawei real cow puts the second and third test pieces X in the same way", Siri's answer turns out to be:

this translation is a very insulting dirty word. When translating Xiaomi, you get:

so what's the situation with translating apple? Siri is translated as follows:

the wind has completely changed. Siri, your artificial intelligence is also not authentic! What do you say

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