Sinopec will increase refining capacity in Fujian

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Sinopec will increase Fujian's refining capacity

China Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Petroleum Chemical Co.") issued a previous draft on Thursday (September 10), saying that Fujian Refining Petrochemical Co. will soon apply to the government to double its crude oil processing capacity

Sinopec said that the company's planned new Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd. phase II 12million ton/year (about 241000 barrels per day) oil refining project, with a total investment of about 24 billion yuan, will be submitted to the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) for approval. We can't live up to the trust of users

Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd. currently has a daily crude oil processing capacity of 240000 barrels. This meeting is rich in content, mainly processing Arab high sulfur crude oil

this capacity expansion plan once again shows that China's crude oil import demand will further increase in the next few years

the refining unit with a daily processing capacity of 240000 barrels and the ethylene cracking unit with an annual output of 800000 tons of Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd. have only recently been fully put into operation

Sinopec and Fujian Provincial Government jointly hold 50% of the equity of Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Exxon Mobil Co., XOM and Saudi Arabian Oil Co. or Saudi Aramco (hereinafter referred to as Saudi Aramco) each hold 25%

the draft also shows that the heavy oil deep processing project of Sinochem Group in Fujian Province with an annual processing capacity of 5million tons has been fully started; By the end of 2011, the annual processing capacity of the project will reach 12million tons, about 241000 barrels per day

liudeshu, President of Sinochem Corporation, said in March that the company was negotiating with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on the long-term crude oil supply of the crude oil processing plant

the success of Liaoning Huajin Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. (Liaoning Huaji bench), a large chemical enterprise in North China, may enhance and encourage the development of other markets. An executive of N Chemicals Ltd., said that its new refinery scheduled to go online in early November would need to import 100400 barrels of crude oil per day

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