Situation of the hottest polypropylene market 6

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Yanshan Petrochemical: the polypropylene market continues to be high in the South and low in the north. The market transaction is relatively light, and the demand is still insufficient. Coupled with the decline of international crude oil prices, people are unstable. After the start of Yanhua, the future market performance of polypropylene will not be very good, and the possibility of continued decline cannot be ruled out

Yanhua polypropylene plant was shut down due to cracking plant accident, and it is expected to restart next week

Dalian Petrochemical: sales are stable, there is no inventory, and the powder plant is temporarily started production due to the import of propylene

Qilu Petrochemical: due to production unit failure this week, it stopped for one day. The market price is stable and the sales are normal

Yumen refinery: the price is balanced, the sales is average, and there is a certain inventory pressure

Dushanzi Petrochemical: the polypropylene unit produces T30S, and the production is normal at present. There is no big change in the market

Jinan refinery: T30S is not produced, Z30S is produced, the sales is not very good, and the inventory is not much

Xinjiang Xinfeng: normal production, general sales, no price change, no inventory

Liaoyang Petrochemical: the unit is shut down for maintenance, the product sales are general, and the inventory is not large

Fujian Petrochemical: the price has not changed, the sales is OK, and the production is normal

Zhenhai Refining and chemical: Taizhou and Wenzhou markets fell more, and a large number of PP from northeast and South China poured into the local market, which impacted the price

in addition to the National Day holiday, some enterprises shut down, the demand decreased, the scope of application sales was general, and the inventory increased slightly

Maoming Petrochemical: the market is still flat, and the price has not changed

Panjin Ethylene: F401 is now produced, and the PP market changes little. Shanghai Securities News learned from the industry

Anqing Petrochemical: sales are flat, inventories are small, and prices are falling

Jihua Jinjiang: sales are average. Extensometer or strain gauge shows the elongation of standard tensile sample. Production is normal and inventory is not large

Karamay: sales are average, prices are down, and inventories are low

Jinxi Lianda: the sales are average, the inventory is not large, and the price decreases

Hunan Changsheng: average sales, small inventory, long price

Hubei Zhongtian: normal production, general sales, moderate inventory

Inner Mongolia Hulian: sell with production, no inventory, and the price remains unchanged

Wuhan Phoenix: the market is weak and declining

Qingdao Petrochemical: continue to shut down for maintenance. There is still a big gap between domestic and imported products in October, and start construction at the end of the year

Guangzhou Petrochemical: sales are OK, with more inventory

Qilu acrylonitrile: sales are OK, and there is not much inventory

Cangzhou Shihua: continue to stop work for maintenance and start work next week

Jinzhou Petrochemical: the sales are OK, and the inventory is medium

Harbin Refinery: general sales, no inventory

Yangzi Petrochemical: general sales, reduced inventory

Ningxia refinery: general sales and normal inventory. Jiujiang Petrochemical: sales are stable

Western Pacific: poor sales, no inventory. Shijiazhuang PP: continue to shut down for maintenance

Yueyang Xingchang: the sales are average and the inventory is not much. Yan'an refinery: the inventory is not large, and the sales are average

Tianjin Erhua: poor sales, no inventory. Nanjing Hongye: average sales, not much inventory

Tianjin United: average sales and normal inventory. Yueyang Petrochemical: average sales, no inventory

Luoyang Hongli: average sales and appropriate inventory. Maoming Shihua: normal sales and inventory

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