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Another masterpiece of screen connected man-machine: pl037

in all automatic control application equipment, screen connected man-machine PL series touch screen is a cost-effective control display element. It has various basic functions and supports controllers of most brands in the market, such as PLC, frequency converter and temperature transmitter, and supports the establishment of high-speed communication between master and slave stations

compared with the touch control screen of previous models of screen connect, now screen connect has launched an open key control screen - pl037-lsk. In addition to inheriting the standard durable plastic shell to avoid export risks, this product can be designed by users at will to fully meet various design requirements. In practical application, it can be matched with customized dedicated key panel at will, so that it can meet the current diversified needs of various industries. At present, it is particularly prominent in the application of tool machines, feeding machines and special small special machines, and has been well evaluated by the majority of consumers

pl037-lsk can draw on the computer through panelmsater programming software, freely input Chinese characters and set PLC address, and use serial port communication to download the program. The communication protocol is downloaded together with the picture data. When it is higher than the upper limit, the system will automatically feed water for cooling, and when it is lower than the lower limit, the water will be automatically cut off to the display. There is no need for PLC to write communication programs. It has a wide range of PLC models, including Mitsubishi FX series, Omron C series, Siemens s, 300 series, Guangyang SG series, keens kV Series, etc

pl037-lsk also has the following functions:

◆ waterproof seamless keys

◆ password protection function

◆ text wizard, dynamic display text

◆ alarm list function, line by line real-time display of current alarm information

◆ 7 keys can be defined as success keys, which can replace some mechanical keys on the control cabinet

◆ freely choose communication mode, Rs232/rs422/rs485 optional

◆ STN liquid crystal display with background light, which can display 24 characters × 4 lines, i.e. 12 Chinese characters × 4 lines

◆ bitmap can be displayed

◆ macro instructions are supported

◆ two different PLCs and other controllers can be connected at the same time, which can realize the communication of multiple computers with one screen and one computer with multiple screens

reasonable price and extraordinary value! Pl037-lsk is the best choice for text display upgrade

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