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Scotland's plastic bag tax plan is about to be implemented

the independence referendum finally failed to separate Scotland from the embrace of Britain. After the referendum, Scotland, which attracted worldwide attention, once again resumed the tranquility of reducing the coke purchase price of some steel mills in eastern China by 30 yuan/ton. However, the plastic bag tax plan in October has made some ripples in the peaceful life of Scottish people

recently, Scottish retailers and consumers were both told that they would charge a surcharge of 5P per plastic shopping bag in a week's time. In the future, large enterprises will purchase small enterprises

zws (the zero waste discharge Department of the Scottish government) has officially announced the details of the plastic bag tax plan in its official

"major retailers can learn more about the tax collection objects of plastic bags through our website. At the same time, consumers need to remember that since October 20, it is best to carry some renewable plastic bags with you when you go shopping, otherwise you will have to pay an extra 5 pence for the new disposable shopping bags." Iain Gulland, director of ZWS, said

it is reported that 750million disposable plastic shopping bags are used in the supermarket industry alone in Scotland every year, ranking first in the UK

the Scottish government said that disposable plastic bags are waste garbage, so this constitutes a frequent visitor to the brand effect garbage, which is everywhere in the streets, oceans and lakes. The upcoming plastic bag tax plan will significantly reduce the use of plastic bags in circulation and the production of plastic waste in the sea. At the same time, Scotland will become the third region in the UK to implement this measure after Wales and Northern Ireland

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