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According to CNBC, Beatrice, the largest offshore wind farm in Scotland, has successfully installed its first 7-megawatt turbine generator and generated electricity for the first time. This marks the final stage of Beatrice project

it is reported that the Beatrice project will be completed in the spring of 2019. At that time, its plastic packaging will be widely used, and 84 turbines will be able to provide enough clean and Sustainable Electricity for 450000 households, making a significant contribution to the UK's renewable energy goals

it is understood that the 2.6 billion pound wind farm in Shenzhen Venture block is located 13 kilometers away from the coast of caisnis, Scotland. It is not only one of the largest private investments in Scottish infrastructure, but also the world's largest offshore wind farm built using jacket infrastructure. The jacket platform has the deepest fixed foundation in all offshore wind farms. Each support weighs about 1000 tons and is installed in 56 meters of deep water

John Beatrice project director ˙ Hill said: "We often talk about the key milestones in the process of the project. Beatrice has a lot so far, and now it is the main technology throughout the aerospace industry. But seeing the first turbine start to operate in Murray Bay and generate electricity in advance is a great achievement for all people related to the project. The construction of the project has brought benefits to the country and local communities. Once it is completed, Beatrice will Make a significant contribution to renewable energy goals in Scotland and even the UK. "


it is reported that the UK's renewable energy target is to generate 30% of the total electricity by 2020. Clare, Secretary of state, Department of Commerce, energy and industrial strategy, UK ˙ Perry pays attention to the low-carbon and environmental protection characteristics of the project. He commented: "through the modern industrial strategy, we have the ability to produce more clean energy than ever before. Last year, 15% of Britain's electricity came from wind energy, while the proportion was less than 3% in 2010. The first combined generation of Beatrice wind power project is an important milestone in the UK's wind power sector and a key step to realize China's low-carbon future."

Paul, Scottish energy minister ˙ Wheelhouse pays more attention to the economic benefits brought by Beatrice offshore wind power project. He said: "once this £ 2.6 billion renewable energy project is fully put into operation, it will not only meet the electricity needs of about 450000 households, but also contribute £ 1.13 billion to the UK GDP and provide nearly 20000 full-time jobs."

"this project is particularly important for Scotland. It is estimated that Scotland alone will generate 530million pounds of revenue from the construction of this project, and the operation and maintenance of this project throughout the whole cycle will really promote the economy of wick port, Scotland." Paul ˙ Wheelhouse added

it is worth mentioning that in addition to building the largest offshore wind farm in Scotland and providing electricity to local residents, the Beatrice project has also raised £ 6million to establish a "Beatrice Partnership Fund" to donate to community projects. These public welfare projects include the restoration of Thomas, the historic port of wick ˙ Telford building, donation to establish Moray whale and Dolphin Conservation Center and expansion of Moravia science and technology center, etc

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