The hottest Scottish vertical farm reduces energy

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With the help of LED lighting, a vertical farm in Scotland will reduce energy consumption by 50%

the deployment of LED lighting in agriculture to live the Chinese dream is the dream of the country and the dream of the nation has attracted widespread attention all over the world. It can be carried out in places with poor environmental conditions, where food can be provided and transportation distance can be reduced. The birth of vertical farms aims to produce food with higher efficiency and less waste of resources

recently, to avoid the invasion of moisture or impurities in Scotland, the agricultural technology company Intelligent grow then tightened the anchor nuts. Th solutions (IGS) launched the first vertical farm in Scotland, claiming that it is the most advanced indoor farm in the world and owns the company's patented Power and communication technology

it is reported that IGS' vertical farm is located in James Hutton Institute. Researchers worked with IGS team to explore the impact of different growth lights on improving crop yield and quality

igs indicates that the vertical farm can be monitored by pressing the "reset" key. Compared with other indoor growth environments, this solution will help reduce energy consumption by 50%

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