The hottest scrap auto parts in Shandong flow back

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Shandong scrap auto parts return to the market at a high price

according to relevant national regulations, the purchase price of scrap auto is converted according to the metal content and priced with reference to the market price of scrap metal. In practice, the second-hand car transaction is not limited by the process specification of end-of-life vehicles. It can not only sell the five major assemblies of end-of-life vehicles for profit, but also refurbish other parts and components to flow into the market again to earn huge profits. The scrapping of motor vehicles has always been a blind spot in public view. In the recent exposure of a number of vicious traffic accidents, words such as assembled cars and refurbished cars have appeared frequently. However, a scrap car industry chain driven by black interests has gradually surfaced

disassembly enterprises are not full. Few private cars come here voluntarily to be scrapped. Said gejiwei, deputy general manager of Shandong Huajia resources comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd. According to reports, there are 19 formal scrapped vehicle recycling and dismantling enterprises in Shandong Province, and the remaining 18 are in the same business situation as Huajia Co., Ltd. their business is very poor, and the scrapped vehicles are not worth mentioning relative to their dismantling capacity

Ge Jiwei said that most of the scrapped cars they dismantle every year are official cars eliminated by government agencies and state-owned enterprises, or scrapped accident cars sent by the public security department. And the private cars that voluntarily apply for scrapping are zombie cars that don't drive all year round. Such cars usually have rusty skins and flat tires, and there is basically no room for value-added. In fact, we lose money by taking such a car. Ge Jiwei said helplessly

Zhao Hua, executive vice president of Shandong material recycling association, told: taking a PU sang car as an example, the recycling enterprise that follows the normal scrap process can only give the owner 416 yuan of residual value fees. However, if the car owner sells the scrapped car as a second-hand car, the price may reach 3000-5000 yuan. So in the face of interests, many car owners choose the latter

the price difference between scrap and sale is more than 5 times. Later, I visited a used car trading market in the west of Jinan and asked the relevant staff as an enterprise representative whether the Pu sang car that has met the mandatory scrapping requirements can still be traded as a used car. After hearing that the car was well maintained and could run normally, the staff said that as long as the car purchase procedures were complete, they could purchase it. After a brief understanding of the vehicle purchase year, mileage and whether there are major accidents, the person in charge of the market surnamed Li gave a figure consistent with the price estimated by Zhao Hua, 3000-5000 yuan. This is at least 5 times higher than normal scrapping

why are the bids so different? Zhao Hua explained that according to relevant national regulations, the purchase price of end-of-life vehicles is converted according to the metal content and priced with reference to the market price of waste metals. In practice, when determining the vehicle purchase price, ELV recycling and dismantling enterprises will consider deducting the cost factors such as ELV haulage fee, dismantling fee, environmental protection treatment fee, operation and management fee and tax. The regular dismantling enterprises pay the residual value of ELVs at the price of 400 yuan/ton, and the national unified standard is implemented. The five major assemblies of normal scrapped vehicles have been disassembled and damaged when entering the scrapping approval process, and cannot be circulated and traded, which virtually reduces the profitable projects of dismantling enterprises. Even if individual parts and non-ferrous metals can be sold, value-added is also possible

however, the second-hand car transaction is not subject to the ELV process regulations. Jinan LANBO Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, service and technical consultation. It can not only sell the five major assemblies of ELVs for profit, but also refurbish other parts and components to flow again, focusing on strengthening trade with ASEAN and other countries to enter the market and earn huge profits. Sometimes the price of a scrapped car selling its engine can recover the cost of its early collection. Zhao Hua said

the disassembled parts flow back to the market at a high price. Are the parts of scrapped cars really so popular? Bai Fei (a pseudonym), the boss of a medium-sized garage in Zhangqiu, told that some cars with a long history, with the continuous upgrading of models, the parts on the car have become increasingly scarce. Once parts break down, even 4S stores and even manufacturers cannot provide new replacement parts. By this time, the so-called car parts will be of great use

Lao Bai also revealed that there is a large price difference between the parts disassembled from scrapped cars of different brands and models, and the price is mainly determined by wear and tear and market demand. For example, the old parts of discarded cars such as accord and Camry are more popular with repair garages, and the bid is relatively high. Lao Bai said

Lao Bai frankly said that in fact, 99% of car owners simply can't identify whether the replacement of the faulty parts is new or refurbished. This also lays a hidden danger for the safety of vehicles in the future

when I asked Lao Bai why the scrapped car that should die could not really enter the next reincarnation, Lao Bai made an account. Did you see the Chery cloud in my yard in 2003? Now the whole vehicle is sold to used car recycling scalpers, and it's no problem to sell it for 8000 yuan. But you know what? The engines of this batch of cars are the same model as the current BMW Mini. If scalpers take this car, one engine alone can sell for 10000 yuan; For the rest, 1000 yuan for the gearbox, 300 yuan for the starter and generator, 400 yuan for the tires and tires, 800 yuan for the door, 200 yuan for the engine cover, 2000 yuan for the whole car shell, 400 yuan for the control computer, and 200 yuan for small scraps, he can earn at least 7300 yuan. You say, with such a large space of interests, how can these cows be willing to let the scrapped car die like this

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