The hottest pulp and paper production growth in Ca

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Xinhua news agency, New York, Bloomberg quoted the Canadian pulp and Paper Association as a statistical report. In 1999, Canada's supply of pulp and paper to world customers increased from 28.4 million tons the previous year to 31 million tons. The operating rate of Canada's pulp and paper production facilities rose from 87% in 1998 to 94% in 1999, according to the 1000 ton/year calculation of the range of single units; The sales of pulp and paper increased from 21 billion Canadian dollars in 1998 to 22.2 billion Canadian dollars in other industries that have been proved to be worth in 1999; The profit increased from $304 million in 1998 to $600million. The improvement of Canadian paper industry in 1999 is mainly due to three major factors, such as better soft hardness range, soft touch and lower anti tightening skew, namely, the growth of market demand in the United States and Asia; The production capacity of pulp and paper in the United States has shrunk; Production costs fell

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