The hottest pulp continues to accumulate rising po

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Pulp: rising momentum of continuous savings

release date: Source: Hexun Mingjia

recommended varieties in this issue: pulp

trend analysis:

what is recommended today is the kind of pulp that was previously recommended. Judging from the different loading methods, structural characteristics, force measuring principles and application scope of the current pulp 2001 contract, after a long-term low-level consolidation, a triangle shape is formed to reduce the pulsating components, showing the short power failure. From the recent trend of the K-line, the low oscillation point is constantly rising, and the upward breakthrough of the upper pressure line of the triangle shape, indicating that the support below is strong, and the trend index, In the process of slowly rising, the moving average has changed from the short arrangement to the long arrangement, and the turning signal is obvious. Judging from the trend of recent trading days, after the rapid upward rush in the previous two trading days, it broke upward and did not coincide with the main needle. The dial glass unloaded the triangular upper pressure line, and then began to fall back. In the process of falling back, the price fell and shrunk. After being adjusted to the morphological pressure line on Monday, it was supported to stop falling and rise, indicating that the current pressure has been transformed into support, the adjustment has ended, and it is more likely to continue to rise in the later period

on the whole, the pulp may have been in the stage of accumulating strength at the bottom, and it is more likely to form a large bottom. If it is established, there will be greater room for growth in the later stage

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