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Pucheng homespun bed sheets gift packaging to develop the market

recently, the homespun bed sheets produced in Xujiazhuang, Jingyao Town, Pucheng County have become popular in the market, and their products have been exported to Lanzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and other places, and have established business contacts with many foreign businessmen

the traditional geotextile craft has a long history in Xujiazhuang. In 2000, Xu Jiazhuang established the "Sanqin peasant women's weaving and embroidery handicrafts" association, registered the trademark of "peasant women", and established the largest traditional geotextile production base in Weibei in the form of "association + farmers". At the same time, Pucheng County women's Federation invested 120000 yuan to help Xu Jiazhuang purchase 100 traditional high head wooden looms. Merchants from Xi'an, Xianyang, Lanzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and other places have established long-term supply and marketing relations with Xu Jiazhuang, and some foreign friends also made a special trip to buy pure cotton homespun bed sheets. In June, 2003, when James richardchary, the representative of the International Plan China project, came to Pucheng County to inspect the implementation of the project, he showed great interest in the earthen sheets on the base of the cross beam of Xu Jiazhuang supported by four columns, and specially bought several sets of sheets for his family

with the expansion of the production scale of homespun sheets, as of the extension of service life, more than 400 farmers have joined the association. The cooperative households have expanded from Xujiazhuang to Dongxing, Zhongjia, Zhulei and other villages, and the products have also developed from a single bed sheet to yarn dyed plaid cloth, decorative bed blanket, tablecloth, bedspread, pillowcase, cotton underwear. At present, there are more than 10 varieties such as 13 kinds of plastics often used in vehicle manufacturing. Gift packaging has also broadened the market for traditional homespun. Only cooperative households engaged in the production of geotextiles. 1. The annual income from the use of polypropylene materials in automotive interiors can reach 5000 yuan

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