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Pulp and paper professional education in the United States

children inherit their father's work, and their children live in the footsteps of their parents and continue from generation to generation, which was a common way of working in the past. But now it is different. People have more rights and opportunities to receive education, more and more employment opportunities and employment methods, and a wider range of career choices. People can choose their future jobs and occupations according to their interests and hobbies

every autumn, a large number of students enter the gate of colleges and universities with passion. They are all designing their college life with complacency and weaving their magnificent dreams of life. Some freshmen choose their majors according to their family background and family tradition; The vast majority of freshmen are still in a "pending" state and are still in the process of making a choice. Some students can apply for a certain amount of loans, work while studying, and have the opportunity to apply for scholarships or incentive funds

in the United States, the pulp and paper industry has always been a strong supporter and supporter of higher education, providing large amounts of funds for colleges and universities as scholarships or funds to reward students who participate in the research work of pulp and paper related projects. These bonuses are usually awarded by industry associations or foundations, and many enterprises in the industry may also invite these award-winning students to come to the enterprise for internship, or become a full-time staff of the enterprise after graduation

Industry Association -

the pulp and paper industry is set up for the future development of the industry, which provides a large amount of funds for students of this major, and is awarded to students through the industry association. For example, the paper industry Management Association (PIM a) has almost set up funds in its branches in various regions to encourage its members and their children. As long as you are a member of PIM a for more than two years and a member of the branch for more than one year, you can apply for the fund established by the branch as long as you meet the above conditions. Students who have been formally admitted to the designated university can also apply for and receive funds set up by some branches during their school years

another Association, the pulp and Paper Industry Technology Association (TAPPI), has also established a foundation, which is jointly funded by various enterprises, and can provide its members with at least 27 major awards every year to reward students who have expertise and outstanding achievements in film covering and image art, corrugated boxes, engineering, environmental protection, post-processing, non-woven materials, paper and paperboard, polymers, coating and compounding, and pulping. These bonuses have many application procedures and strong selectivity. The conditions for applying for TAPPI bonus include: students must be TAPPI student group, and we can rearrange 1 support according to the design requirements; Members of the organization, with excellent or above average performance (GPA value); Have a strong interest in this major; In addition, many TAPPI bonuses also require students to have completed basic courses when applying for bonuses

in addition to the above two associations, there is also an Industrial Research Institute for waste paper recycling (ISRI), which provides incentive funds for employees of member enterprises and their children and spouses

these industry associations provide material rewards and financial support to their members, which to a certain extent alleviates the pressure of their high education costs. At the same time, it also helps to encourage the next generation of well-educated engineers and chemical experts to join the industry team and hold high-level positions in the pulp and paper industry

University Foundation -- a bridge and link connecting the industry

the task of the University Foundation is to prepare funds for scholarships for students until a batch of samples are completed. The funds are mainly provided by enterprises, individuals and groups in paper and related industries. These funds are either directly awarded to the winners as scholarships, or as an investment. After making more money, new bonuses will be established. For example, the papermaking technology foundation at the University of Western Michigan is funded by a number of enterprises and individuals. The president of PIM a, Rick l s r-rick, said, "foundations are the bridge and link between associations and schools. These professional universities have trained a large number of new engineers and managers for our industry, and have played a very important role in talent training. The future development of our industry to a large extent depends on the talents recruited and cultivated by these universities."

reserve human resources

the sustainable development of the industry depends on the training and education of talents. Therefore, the industry has invested a lot of money in this regard. The pulp and paper industry has a huge investment in future practitioners, and no industry can compare with it. However, today, there are many industries that are very attractive, and it is not easy for the pulp and paper industry to compete with these industries. Rick La RR ick said, "we have not done enough to cultivate talents, reserve human resources and ensure the sustainable development of the industry. It is often the lack of new forces, so we must take certain measures to attract more young people into our industry." The University of Miami and the University of Western Michigan attract more students to apply for pulp and paper majors through high scholarships

recruit first-class award-winning students

associate Wen Ren of the Department of papermaking science and engineering at the University of Miami believes that in addition to giving certain material rewards, the industry should also look for the best employee candidates. In this way, some students and individuals with strong practical ability can stand out, and the winner of the scholarship may also become the best candidate for summer jobs, which provides an opportunity for enterprises and students to communicate with each other and greatly save the opportunity to protect capital and understand each other in 10 years

college students who have won scholarships are not the only beneficiaries, and enterprises are also beneficiaries. These students who have just left school have learned something about the industry, and the training time can be shortened, which can save a lot of human, material and financial resources for enterprises every year

conditions for obtaining scholarships

whether students can obtain scholarships depends on the guidelines and policies of each research institution. Moreover, with the continuous increase of the amount of bonuses and the number of applicants, the acquisition of scholarships becomes more and more competitive. For example, at the University of Western Michigan, students majoring in papermaking can apply for a certain amount of scholarships as long as their GPA value reaches more than 2.7; If you want to get a higher amount of scholarships, you must get better grades. If you get the "full scholarship", all the tuition fees of students will be paid by the school

globalization and internationalization of education

in universities, the vast majority of students from foreign countries come after obtaining a certain amount of scholarships. Scholarships awarded to graduates are larger and easier to obtain

at present, the State University of New York only offers scholarships to American citizens or foreigners who have permanent residency in the United States. However, with the globalization of economy and education, this situation is bound to change

what if young people in the United States don't apply for the major of "paper engineering"? Because they feel that in the new ".Com" world, they can have great wealth without too much effort, and there is no myth of "sudden wealth" in the paper industry. College students are always interested in free things. Therefore, the pulp and paper industry provides higher amount and more challenging scholarships than other industries, hoping and possibly attracting a large number of students to apply for this major. Students can benefit from it, and the safety belt tension testing machine has a beautiful appearance. The whole paper industry can select outstanding students to enrich the industry team, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the industry

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