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Publishers plan to transform the increasingly outdated paper books

when more and more readers will further expand the market capacity of plastic extruders and favor more convenient e-books, publishers are planning to transform the increasingly outdated paper books. Many newly published books have specific binding designs, including rough paper edges, color rings, high-end paper and elegant envelopes. These creative elements have broken the walls of the traditional book industry. Publishers infer that if e-books win in convenience, paper books should not only focus on the reading experience, but also on the appearance and collection value. People who read exquisite paper books are more outstanding. Robertmiller, the publisher of a publishing house in Seattle, said that this is the same reason as sending a letter with an estimated comprehensive utilization of real renewable resources of 265 million tons in today's e-mail era

focus on connotation and face

Haruki Murakami's "1q84" was put on shelves in bookstores when people were looking forward to it. The translucent cover of this novel was printed with a breathtaking gaze of a young woman. The cover of Stephen King's latest novel about Kennedy's assassination, November 22, 63, is exquisite and different from ordinary novels. This book is equipped with historical photos. The cover of the paperback autobiography "decoding" of Jay-Z, a famous American rapper, is a gilded Rorschach ink map. Madeleine Miller's song of Achilles was published in the form of a relief envelope, with carved holes, cracks and patterns that can produce a three-dimensional visual effect. Publishers used to strive for simplicity in the so-called book binding, but now they are beginning to change their ideas. Said Julie Glau, senior vice president and publisher of Random House's publishing house. For publishers, this is a good deal, which can enhance the value of paper books

the paper book cover project Chusheng e-book

with the advent of the festival, when the e-book reader launched by Barnes and noble bookstore, Amazon, etc. is a precision equipment for the process performance experiment of metal sheet and strip, and becomes a good gift, the publisher is facing a test. In order to avoid the replacement of paper books, booksellers decided to attract readers' attention with eye-catching covers. As Paul Ingram, a customer of the prairie Light Bookstore in Iowa, said: these high-end and elegant binding can make readers notice the book and look through it. Similarly, a boring cover will only make people lazy to read the title. In order to add a sense of design to the book display, the booksellers of the changing hands bookstore in Tempe, Arizona, USA, exhibited the Penguin Classic Book Series in the form of exquisite embroidery, and wore slogans to beautify your holiday with classics

it has been proved that hardcover books sell more paper books and catch up with e-books. "1q84" launched by hardcover overturned the traditional mode of book marketing. A total of 95000 copies were sold in the United States, while only 28000 sets of the electronic version of the book were sold. Nann Graham, senior vice president and editor in chief of scribno publishing, the publisher of the book, said: we also hope to slow the loss of paper book readers by publishing hardcover books

paper books usher in the era of face

how to ensure safety in the field published by Bloomsbury press in the United States last June is a guide compiled by Rosie gatherwaite for crossing the most dangerous areas in the world. The hard cover design of this book makes it look strong enough, and imitation Buddha can really be brought into the battlefield. Davasobel's new book "a more beautiful paradise" published by Walker company under Bloomsbury Publishing House is equipped with crimson ring paper. Readers can see it on the title page as long as they open the book. Bloomsbury Publishing, which once published the Harry Potter series in the UK, has always advocated enriching the high-end design styles of paper books. Ivan schneiderman, general manager of the marketing department of Bloomsbury press, said that the industry discussion on the future development form of books gave birth to this face strategy of the press. If we think that fast-food reading is rapidly moving into the electronic age, schneiderman said, then we need to consider what characteristics a book should have in order to make people stop and sigh. In addition to fast-food reading, there is also enjoyable reading after buying first

the increase of binding cost will lead to the higher price of some hardcover books. Due to the use of ultra thick pulp and decorated with red silk, retro burrs and relief patterns, the price of Steven Mitchell's new translation of Iliad is obviously higher at $35 than the paperback Jay-Z decoding, which costs $25. Martha K. Levin, executive vice president and publisher of liberty publishing house, which publishes Iliad, believes that this appearance package conveys a message to readers that even if you see nine Chengdu e-books, this book is the one you want to take home and put on the shelf. Schneiderman of Bloomsbury also said that although readers are willing to pay a few more dollars for a beautiful book, publishers have no intention of raising prices for high-end design at present

when the British novelist julianbarnes was awarded the Booker Prize for his novel the meaning of the end, he called on people to pay attention to aesthetics. He told the London audience in suits at that time: friends who have read my novel, no matter how you evaluate its content, at least you will admit that this book is exquisite. If physical books are to meet the challenges from e-books, it seems that they must be worth buying and collecting

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