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Safety technical code for coal mine hoisting system

I Design and type selection, arrival acceptance and storage

design and type selection must comply with relevant national technical policies. Follow the principle of advanced technology and reasonable economy. It has the characteristics of high reliability, low operation cost and convenient maintenance. The purchased equipment must have identification certificate and production license, and the explosion-proof equipment must have product certificate, explosion-proof certificate and coal mine product safety mark

II. After the design type selection, the leader in charge must organize relevant departments to carry out the design review, and then organize the implementation

III. after the arrival of the equipment, the relevant departments shall inspect the equipment, attached machines, attached accessories and technical data according to the requirements of the equipment packing list and technical documents, and the procurement department shall be responsible for solving the problems such as missing parts, damage, serious corrosion and incomplete data found in the acceptance. Technical data shall have at least the following nine types:

1 Operating instructions

2 Product ex factory certificate (explosion proof certificate)

3 Foundation drawing

4 Equipment general assembly drawing

5 Structure diagram and system diagram of braking device

6 Vulnerable parts drawing

7 Electrical schematic diagram, installation wiring diagram

8 Test report of main electrical equipment

        9. Flaw detection report of main components

IV. The qualified equipment shall be installed, debugged and put into use in time. The equipment not in use for the time being must be warehoused properly and maintained regularly to prevent the sun, rain, corrosion, damage and loss, and to do a good job in fire prevention and theft prevention. It is strictly prohibited to use the equipment by removing sleeves and parts

II Equipment installation and acceptance

equipment installation and acceptance shall be in accordance with the standard for quality inspection and evaluation of coal mine installation engineering, and the acceptance outline of equipment installation engineering shall be prepared

I installation measures and technical requirements

1 Before equipment installation, the mine construction project must be strictly accepted according to the design to ensure the installation quality

        2. Before the commencement of the project, the technical measures for construction safety must be formulated, and the requirements to ensure the project quality must be clearly defined as the technical guidelines for installation. The contents include the following categories:

⑴ construction organization design: documents or written materials for construction preparation and scientific construction organization shall be available

⑵ main installation basis: equipment assembly drawing, installation drawing, foundation drawing, layout plan, schematic diagram, relationship diagram, block diagram and other drawings provided by the design department and the manufacturer

⑶ equipment installation: installation procedures, assembly process requirements, commissioning methods and precautions shall be taken as installation guidelines

⑷ quality standards: design specifications, equipment installation and acceptance specifications, equipment factory instructions, safety regulations, as the basic guidelines for installation

(5) main basis for equipment evaluation: main economic and technical indicators and test reports of performance commissioning and testing

II drawings and data for installation acceptance

1 Equipment delivery instructions, certificate of conformity, packing list

2 Equipment list: including arrived equipment, arrived equipment not installed and ordered equipment not arrived

3 Assembly drawing and accompanying spare parts drawing

4 Design and construction drawings

5 Lifting, braking and electrical system diagram

6 Commissioning and test report

7 Inspection and acceptance records of concealed works

8 Installation as built drawing and completion report

9 Installation engineering quality inspection and evaluation form

10 Construction budget and final accounts

key acceptance items and contents in equipment installation

the installation unit shall actively invite relevant departments to jointly accept the installation process, and make records of concealed works, which meet the design and installation standards, as a certificate for future acceptance and handover

        1. Drum (drive wheel) brake disc or brake wheel is free of open welding, crack and deformation

2 Levelness of main shaft and parallelism of multi-section shaft

3 Coaxiality of coupling

4 Technical measurement of reduction gearbox

5 Assembly and lubrication of transmission and speed change device of depth indicator

6 Roughness, lateral runout and unevenness of brake disc

7 Electrical system commissioning 8 After the completion acceptance of the main hoisting steel wire rope and tail rope test and suspension four projects, the installation unit shall carry out self inspection and acceptance according to relevant standards, and apply to the competent department after passing the inspection. The competent department of the group company shall organize the quality supervision, design, construction, equipment management and use units to carry out handover acceptance and evaluation

        1. Inspect the engineering technical archives, as built drawings, records of concealed works, commissioning reports, equipment lists and other data

        2. Spot check and recheck the engineering standards and installation quality

        3. Organize the installation unit and the user unit to prepare the commissioning implementation plan and check the commissioning

        4. Assess the installation quality, fill in the project completion handover report, handover acceptance certificate and quality certification opinions

III Overhaul, maintenance and safe operation of lifting equipment

technical measurement, setting and flaw detection

1 Safety inspection shall be conducted once a year for manned hoists and once every three years for other hoists. The axle pin, connecting rod and wedge-shaped connecting device of the braking system shall be subject to flaw detection once a year (three months after the defect has been found), and the qualified inspection unit shall carry out the detection and flaw detection, and issue a report. The deputy chief engineer of mining machinery and electricity shall review and sign the measurement and flaw detection reports, put forward rectification opinions on the problems found, and report them to the leader in charge for organization and implementation

        2. The instrument shall be verified according to the specified time: Class A shall be verified once half a year, class B shall be verified once a year, and class C shall be identified once before use

        3. The setting test of electric control system shall be conducted once a year, and the setting test of safety protection relay shall be conducted once a half year

        4. The validity period for the test of drawworks running speed diagram, brake deceleration calculation, brake time, idle travel time and brake sticking pressure test is one year

        5. The validity period of brake shoe clearance test and setting is 10 days

        6. The drawworks for negative force lifting and lifting personnel must have electric brake, and the disc brake drawworks must use power brake (except for the high-cost vehicle caused by the fragile packaging of variable frequency speed control winch), and can be automatically or manually put into normal use. Power braking, braking torque and secondary braking must have calculation and setting data. When the operation mode is changed, it must be recalculated and adjusted, and the calculation results comply with the provisions of article 432 and 433 of the coal mine safety regulations

        7. The validity period of motor and HV switchgear test is one year

II test cycle and method of safety protection facilities

1 Maintenance worker test items

⑴ overspeed protection: Test relay once a day without power train

⑵ speed limit protection: Test relay once a day without power train

⑶ depth indicator failure protection: simulate failure or low-speed driving test once a day

⑷ full warehouse protection: simulate full warehouse test once a day

⑷ backup protector:  Backup 2m/s speed limit protection, backup over speed protection, backup over roll protection, backup deceleration switch shall be tested once a week

⑥ wellhead operation equipment Safety door and signal locking: test once a day without power train

⑺ switch fence door locking: test once a day without power train

⑺ signal locking: test once a day without power train

⑼ loose rope protection test once a day without power train, After loosening the rope, the coal bunker is locked without coal discharge and the skip smoothly passes through the display device for unloading the curved rail. Every 10 days, the scientists of the Institute of organic building materials of the branch of architectural engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of the DPRK check and test

(10) overpressure and undervoltage protection of the oil pressure system: the overtemperature protection is not tested by the motor train once a week

above protection, and the seven types of protection (1), 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8) fail, The vehicle must be stopped for immediate treatment, and can only be started after it is qualified. If the third protection (5), (9) and (10) fails, it must be treated as qualified on the same day

        2. Test items for operation driver

⑴ over winding protection: one simulated over winding test per shift

⑵ undervoltage protection: one non motor train test per shift

⑶ brake clearance protection (alarm) : Test brake shoe wear switch for non motor train per shift

⑷ loose rope alarm: Test for non motor train per shift

⑤ emergency brake switch: Test for non motor train per shift

the above five types of protection, which must be sensitive and reliable. If any of the protection is unqualified, stop and report, and start after the repair is qualified

use and maintenance of three hydraulic explosion-proof hoists

⑴ a sound insulation wall shall be built between the main chamber and the chamber of the hydraulic station to reduce the noise of the main chamber and improve the working environment of the drivers of the hydraulic explosion-proof hoists and lifting winches

⑵ installation of bearing beams: place the left and right bearing beams on the concrete foundation, put the tension bolts, nuts, foundation plates and other parts into the anchor holes, and pay attention to adjusting their flatness and levelness

⑶ when the spindle device is installed in place, the position deviation from the installation reference line shall comply with relevant regulations

⑷ before installing the disc brake, clean the brake disc and dry the cleaning agent. Any oil stain and antirust oil will greatly reduce the braking torque. Therefore, oil cleaning agents shall be strictly prohibited for brake disc cleaning. Washing powder or other organic cleaning agents can be used. It is forbidden to stick any oil stain on the cleaned brake disc

(5) installation of hydraulic station: the levelness tolerance of main motor and oil pump along the axis direction is 0.10mm/m

⑥ during the installation of all pipelines, no pollutants are allowed to enter the joints and pipelines. All joints must be firmly sealed. The sealing ring must not be damaged or missed. No oil leakage is allowed. The oil tank and the gate valve must be reliably assembled. After the installation, the pipeline must be circularly flushed. Connect the circulating flushing and filtering device in parallel with the high-pressure pump, start the auxiliary motor and circulating flushing and filtering device to make the hydraulic system pipeline circulating flushing and filtering. Check the filter element frequently, and change the washing direction and vibrate the pipeline to enhance the washing effect. After circulating for hours, replace the filter elements of the auxiliary oil pump filter and the device filter with filter elements with filtration accuracy of 5 microns. Continue circulating washing and filtration until the cleanliness of the tested oil is not lower than grade -/18/15 of gb/t 14039 standard

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