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This newspaper helps the application of artificial intelligence

professor zhenghaitao, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and the Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University, delivered a keynote speech at the road show yesterday

Shenzhen business daily Yan Luoluo FL pendulum impact tester is mainly used for metal Charpy impact experiments. Article/figure

with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the application of artificial intelligence is penetrating into all walks of life. In addition to the familiar fields of transportation, health, security and so on, what are the situational applications of artificial intelligence? October is a relatively large instrument and equipment. On the 19th, the scene application special session of artificial intelligence of 2018 yunchuang Shenzhen roadshow was held in Shenzhen Bay venture capital building. Six high-quality roadshow projects showed new ideas of artificial intelligence application in the fields of finance, education, energy conservation and so on

in addition, experts such as zhenghaitao, a professor at the Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University, were invited to give keynote speeches to interpret the key technologies and application directions in the field of artificial intelligence, and provide professional comments and guidance on roadshow projects. At the same time, the event also gathered more than 30 well-known institutional investors to seamlessly connect high-quality projects with capital. The event was hosted by Beijing yunchuangyuan Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yunchuangyuan Technology Park"), Shenzhen chamber of Commerce for finance, and co organized by Shenzhen business daily, global financial technology laboratory, etc

"it is very necessary to explore the application scenarios of artificial intelligence. Without scenario based applications, there is no commercial value." Professor zhenghaitao said in his keynote speech that the application scenarios of AI technology are ever-changing from academia to industry. Under such a pattern background, AI enterprises, investors and scientists should find the same place. "What is unchanging? It is the internal moat of the industry. Every AI enterprise should think about where its unchanging moat is."

Zheng Haitao said that the moat of AI industry is mainly reflected in technology and operation. In terms of technology, the core competitiveness of artificial intelligence is reflected in the learning ability and prediction ability of algorithms. "The strength of alphago is not its ability to play chess, but its learning ability. According to the model built by the deep neuron algorithm, it can learn all the go knowledge in human history in one night, and its learning ability is beyond human reach," Zheng Haitao said. "The high and low learning ability of the algorithm determines the value of an artificial intelligence enterprise."

in terms of operation, Zheng Haitao believes that meeting the personalized needs of users is the greatest advantage of artificial intelligence. "With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical, hoping to get unique services. When AI enterprises find a vertical path to meet personalized needs in a certain scene, users can't live without you." He said that the moat established and operated based on artificial intelligence is, in the final analysis, personalized application

throughout this roadshow project, finance is still a hot area of AI application. Nanjing xunzhizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. reduces and eliminates the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment; The company brought an AI investment research platform, and Shenzhen AI Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the AI securities investment research system. In the field of education, artificial intelligence also has new applications. The Gaomu learning project of HENGCHUANG Xinye technology collects a large number of students' learning behavior data, uses artificial intelligence algorithm, and uses evolutionary knowledge path matrix in the algorithm to simulate students' learning behavior and teachers' teaching methods. Finally, the overall situation dynamically evaluates students' optimal learning path, so that students can achieve large-scale personalized teaching

according to the introduction, the projects participating in the roadshow are selected by the host yunchuang science and Technology Park, and excellent projects are expected to receive in-depth entrepreneurial systematic support, local government incentives and other support. Hu Yongjia, the founder of yunchuang Science Park, said in his speech that as a service platform for science and technology projects, yunchuang Science Park has now entered the third stage, that is, focusing on specific industry areas, doing heavy vertical incubation, and holding this special session of artificial intelligence scene application is also to gather high-quality projects in the field of artificial intelligence, and promote the development of the artificial intelligence industry with the help of capital

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