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Audience × Xiaobao, cloud video conference promotes the emergency transformation of offline education and training institutions

founded in 2010, Xiaobao is a popular comprehensive service provider of education informatization in China and the first enterprise listed on the new third board in the industry (securities code: 870705). Xiaobao is used to manage schools. Its products have fully covered the field of education and training institutions and K12 full-time schools, helping 90000 + education brands realize information management, and 180000 + campuses realize the business upgrading of Internet + education

in January 2020, a sudden epidemic hit education and training institutions hard. In the face of the epidemic, everything must give way to the safety of teachers and students. Offline training activities have been completely stopped, and offline institutions have to stop operating, which has brought a great impact to the operation

under the epidemic, Xiaobao gave full play to the advantages of the information platform, quickly developed various solutions to deal with the epidemic, helped cooperative educational institutions overcome the impact of the epidemic, and did a good job in emergency operations

Xiaobao team urgently arranged the common live broadcast platform suppliers in the market. Considering the stability of the platform, the fluency of the system, the amount of support of the platform, and combined with a large number of internal tests, they finally selected Beijing XunZhong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. - and the cloud video conference that will be provided when seven experiments such as stretching, peeling, tearing, and heat sealing can be carried out, as the support for remote office The preferred tool for transferring offline courses to online live broadcasts, which is actively provided to cooperative teaching and training institutions, makes people naturally think of graphene with the "king of new materials"

with the strong promotion of Xiaobao, thousands of offline education and training institutions with live broadcast demand have been cooperating to promote various teaching work through the timely video conference of the press conference, and are preparing to provide online course services

cloud video conferencing has been pushed to the public's view and has been widely used in this special period. On the one hand, cloud video can help solve the urgent need to fight the epidemic, such as remote meetings, distance education, live Q & A, etc. on the other hand, it can also effectively help the recovery of the international market and help enterprises resume work in an orderly and effective manner

compared with the high cost in the purchase, installation and use of traditional video conference system, the cloud computing based video conference system provided by Xunzhong timely club can greatly simplify the installation process and use process, so that users can quickly join the club. For teaching and training institutions, it can quickly realize the use of the conference room to open face-to-face teaching and communication, with simple access, convenient operation and low cost

the video conference products provided by Centro in a timely manner have good mobility and scalability. No matter where you are and where you have contacts, you can join the conference with notebooks, desktops, tablets, etc. anytime, anywhere. In addition to the regular ten party and hundred Party meetings, it also supports the large-scale meeting mode of thousands of parties and tens of thousands of parties, which can allow more people to participate in the meeting while ensuring the smoothness and stability of the meeting

in the field of education, the cooperation between Xunzhong and Xiaobao in a timely manner can jointly promote the education and training institutions in special periods to quickly carry out business operations through information means, effectively reduce the impact of the epidemic, and also hope to help Xiaobao actively connect with the upgrading of the interconnection of the education industry and provide one-stop information solutions for more education institutions

video conference application area

Anhui Xinyu anti epidemic psychological assistance was opened, and the public will provide a video conference system in time

just now, at the finals of the national constitution day on December 4, The timely meeting of the audience successfully completed the guarantee of live video broadcast

the successful closing of the annual meeting of the Asian investment bank in Luxembourg

the timely meeting of the audience provided video conference guarantee

the timely meeting of the audience video cloud helped promote Concorde and brand awareness, further expand the construction of hospital medical informatization

help Mead Johnson open up customer interaction channels, video customer service is promising

2019 Happy China zero action the timely meeting of the audience video cloud to help

the timely meeting of the audience Video cloud, help poverty alleviation in Tibet, do practical things at the grass-roots level

join the association in one second! The audience will turn into a personal translator in time to help the South China International Expo

something to say! Timely video conference, making the meeting easier

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