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Paper manufacturers continue to try to rise $25 per ton

major newspapers in North America have said that they will resist the manufacturer's plan to raise the price of $25 per ton of 30 pound paper, while the manufacturer said that it would adhere to the successful implementation of this plan this month

due to the continuous decline in consumption and the number of advertisements as early as the 1960s and the increase in inventory, four of the five largest newspapers in the United States believe that the current market situation does not support paper price increases. Initially, the manufacturer planned to raise the price by $50 per ton (to $625/ton), but only 30% of users responded. Last month, Baoshui company of the United States and Abitibi United Company of Canada reduced their price increases to $25/ton respectively

a medium-sized newspaper company in the western United States said, "there are more than 10000 plastic production enterprises in Taizhou. Their advertising is declining at a double-digit rate, and their sales are also decreasing. The price is falling in May, and some of our purchases have been carried out according to the adjusted price. But if those large manufacturers do not make great efforts to reduce production, I think the price may even fall below the level of the first quarter."

paper manufacturers say the rise in raw material and energy prices is the reason for their price increases. A medium-sized manufacturer said, "this is the most puzzling price increase I have ever seen. Today, nearly three months after the news was announced, we are still negotiating with the publisher for a price. This is ridiculous."

news from newspaper companies said that they did not find any signs of improvement in advertising or paper consumption that controlled the flow into the cylinder in the second quarter

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