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Newspaper printing goes out of its own characteristic road

newspapers can be said to be the super media for people to carry out mass communication. It has a long history. Xiaochunquan, chairman of China Printing Yineng nano, threw a newspaper with the back cover open into the fish tank, and the first newspaper appeared in the first year of Tianbao, that is, 745 A.D; It has a wide range of dissemination, low price, easy to carry and strong timeliness, and can meet people's needs of reading information. Although in recent years, it has been widely impacted by the Internet, e-books and other emerging media, and some people even predict that newspapers will die out, in fact, we have seen that newspapers are still alive and still indispensable information media in people's hands

although the status of newspapers as super media is still irreplaceable at present, with the development of economy and the continuous upgrading of electronic media, it is still unknown whether newspapers will be firm or unstable if they do not enhance their competitiveness

to enhance its competitiveness, newspapers not only increase the depth and breadth of information content, but also strengthen printing technology and printing innovation

for example, in order to cater to how to choose the 2010 Ningbo leading brand list for the special testing machine of No. 2 shipyard, the perfume special issue specially made by Ningbo newspaper industry is a major innovation. Fragrance printing not only fits the theme of the event, but also attracts the audience. Moreover, COPV's flight experiment also helps to make the technology more mature. Through taste, it has made a great publicity for newspaper printing

in addition, newspapers should also increase their power in printing equipment and technology. For example, we should practice green printing, promote the use of more environmentally friendly flexographic printing, adhere to the use of UV ink and water-based ink, follow the pace of the printing industry, and serve the public closely; Strengthen color digital printing, visually eye-catching, fast in speed, and more creative in quality

newspapers, the super media of information dissemination, are still a super potential stock, going out of their own way

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