The hottest newsprint machine project in the world

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Stora Enso said that the world's largest paper machine project newly built in langerbrugge factory has been started, and the construction of the paper machine plant has begun. The project is proceeding as planned and will be put into operation in March and June. According to the company, this 11.1 meter wide paper machine from Metso Paper will be the largest paper machine in the world. It is expected that by 2005, the paper machine will reach the design fastest speed of 2000 meters/minute. The senior vice president of the company said that the production of the new paper machine did not break the balance between supply and demand in the market. This project with a total investment of 500million euros (4. More and more enterprises are committed to the research and development of new environmental protection materials of US $4.2 billion), including the closure of the paper machine with an annual capacity of 110000 tons in summa factory in Finland and the overpressure paper machine with an annual capacity of 120000 tons in langerbrugge factory. The company will shut down these two paper machines from the date when the new paper machines are put into production. Therefore, the production of the new paper machine will only increase the production capacity of European paper by 0.5%

the company said that the reason why they chose to install the new paper machine in Belgium is that the paper machine will use new materials in the future, and the pace of product innovation will speed up 100% of waste paper as raw materials, while the excessive supply of Belgian waste paper market is conducive to the collection of raw materials. Stora Enso has signed a 10-year waste paper supply contract with local traders to ensure their raw material supply. In addition, langerbrugge factory has weak innovation ability, good location and convenient transportation

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