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According to the news, China Mobile low-key research and development of tablet computers with call function

in addition to the orthodox 3G smart, Shangben and e-reader, the three major telecom operators should timely remove the small angle terminal level to compete in each mobile Internet, including the most popular tablet computers at present. Yesterday, it was reported that China Mobile Research Institute was developing "elephant" (internal term), which directly refers to tablet computers with call function

tablet computers have been listed on the product plans of two other telecom operators. As early as may this year, Chinatelecom and MasterCard launched the first tablet computer, Tianyi lifepad, which supports 3G. Not long ago, Li Gang, vice president of China Unicom, revealed that China Unicom's 3G iPad is ready for launch and is currently waiting for a license. Last month, apple brought a WiFi version of iPad, and the market responded enthusiastically. China Mobile has expressed its intention to introduce Apple iPad, but it seems that there is still no progress so far. It has developed nearly 1000 kinds of high-tech new materials before and after

I learned that in the face of the upsurge of tablet computers, many manufacturers have issued a bugle to enter. In the process of selecting universal electronic tensile testing machine, analysts pointed out that tablet computers with communication modules will be a major trend. After all, the hot spot coverage of wif in China is far behind that of 3G networks. Intelligent manufacturer Yulong Coolpad recently said that it would launch a "generalized" tablet computer. It is said that its phased products have been developed and are planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. ZTE also plans to start selling tablets in China at the end of this year or early next year, and will get more customers to sell tablets. It plans to launch fiveorsix tablets next year. Beijing Morning Post

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