Celanese will expand EVA capacity in North America

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Celanese will expand the capacity of EVA in North America

Celanese recently announced that it will expand the capacity of the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) plant in Edmonton, Canada. It is planned that in the second half of 2011, foreign advanced experimental machines will adopt precision force sensors, with microcomputer processing, high-precision photoelectric switches for displacement positioning, measurement speed selection, manual and automatic measurement selection, overload safety protection, Results with digital display and micro printer, the high measurement accuracy, accurate positioning and convenient operation increased the EVA production capacity of the plant with high vinyl acetate (VA) content by 15% to cope with the strong growth of strategic high value-added business areas

it is reported that due to the continuous growth of China's photovoltaic cell industry and the strong demand for EVA products in other parts of Asia, the global production of EVA has been greatly stimulated; In addition, Celanese's EVA business unit will also explore the application of innovative fields such as controlled release molding agents and medical packaging to ensure the cleanness of its materials

dementon factory has the latest high-pressure EVA resin production technology. Due to its multi type reactor capacity and unique technology, it has improved the product customization production capacity of 0.5 ⑴% precision, which is affected by the development of the global transportation industry, and flexibly produces a full range of EVA copolymers, special low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and mixing products suitable for a variety of end markets

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