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The development of newspaper printing calls for digitalization of management Abstract: at the beginning of this paper, the concept of digitalization of management is clarified, the current management situation of enterprises is analyzed in detail, and the necessity, prospect and problems needing attention of newspaper printing enterprises to introduce digitalization management are emphasized

Abstract: The author definitudes the management digitalization at the beginning of text and analyses the current management status of printing enterprises. Moreover the author expounds the necessity, the future and the remindful issue of newspaper printing enterprises brings in the digital management.

with the in-depth development of IT technology, the digitization process of the printing industry is also accelerating. First of all, the invention and development of Laser Phototypesetting Technology have basically realized the digitization of the prepress process. CTP technology will lead the plate making process into the digital era. The emergence of digital printing machine has made it possible for the printing process to enter the digital era, At the same time, major equipment manufacturers also continue to launch digital management processes to introduce digital control technology and products in the whole process of printing technology into production. When asked why they chose Hengrui as their partner in China. All these are the technical digitalization of printing process, which we call printing digitalization technology. On the other hand, the management process and methods of printing enterprises are easy to operate, and the digitalization work is also accelerating, which has attracted great attention of enterprise managers. Through the digitalization and networking management of production, materials, finance, technology, personnel, equipment and other management functions, as well as the upper, middle and lower management links, we can effectively improve the efficiency and efficiency of management, which is called digital management

since this year, modern information management means such as EPR, CRM and SCM have been applied and developed in newspaper printing enterprises. Some newspaper printing houses (printing centers) have or are preparing to establish digital management systems. At the same time, some companies have also developed technology and formed products according to the actual situation of printing enterprises, such as the digital management and e-commerce products of PKU founder and the printing management system of Shenzhen kaimeng technology, which are typical representatives

compared with book printing and packaging printing enterprises, newspaper printing enterprises have the characteristics of medium or small organizational scale, large production scale, simple logistics management and single printing task structure, which have better conditions for realizing computer management. This article 2. The jaw of the fixture is improperly selected. I want to talk about a simple view on the digital work of newspaper printing management. Please correct me

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