Celanese launched a new unified brand

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Celanese launched a new unified brand

Celanese launched a new unified brand

November 12, 2013

[China paint information] customer needs are diverse, and the solutions required are increasingly complex - finding the right partners and solutions is related to the success or failure of products

does the whole country sound interesting? According to the coating industry information center, as a leading chemical technology and special materials company in the world, Celanese recognizes this and is currently simplifying the brand structure to include all its technologies, resources, products and solutions with a single brand. This change has taken Celanese another step towards its vision of becoming the preferred chemical solution provider for customers

mark Rohr, chairman and CEO of Celanese, said: "Our vision reflects the depth and breadth of knowledge in Celanese's important initiative to lead the transformation and upgrading of China's petrochemical industry in the industry and the chemical field and move towards medium and high quality as a whole. It reflects our cutting-edge ability to help customers achieve innovation, our focus on creating value, and our commitment to actively cooperate with customers to help them succeed. The chemistry inside innovation is the best description of Celanese (chemical source, infinite innovation). "

become "one Celanese"

in order to realize our vision and convey our values to customers, Celanese has launched a series of changes. Since October 1 this year, Celanese has started to use a unified brand to represent the business of the company in all fields

historically, Celanese corporate brands are represented by individual business brands, including acetate products, acetyl intermediates that effectively solve the problem of missing standards for some materials and products, advanced fuel technology, Clarifoil, polymer lotion, EVA high-performance polymers, Novi and tycona high-performance engineering materials. Now, these brands are unified as Celanese

romuco said: "looking forward to the future, the name of unified Celanese will represent every member of Celanese, our world-class products, process technology and solutions for all businesses."

these products, solutions and technologies include:

cellulose products, such as Clarifoil and celfx technology

polymer lotion, such as ecovae, trumoda and vinamul

engineering materials, such as Hostaform/Celcon POM, GUR UHMW-PE and celtran LFRT

eva (ethylene vinyl acetate) polymers, such as ateva and vitaldose

food ingredients, such as Sunett and qorus sweetener systems

intermediate chemicals, such as aoplus, vantageplus and TCX technology

romuco said: "The new Celanese brand strengthens the strength of the company as a global enterprise, and also expresses our concern for the safety of employees, factories and products. As always, it does not relax, expresses our unremitting pursuit of business excellence, and expresses that we have talented workers who actively cooperate with customers to develop innovative solutions with the rapid economic development of Southeast Asia to meet their urgent needs."

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