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Recently, it was learned that Yunnan Yuxi City and weixinkang International Holdings (USA) Co., Ltd. recently reached an agreement to invest a total of US $137million (including US $125million of foreign capital after the objective and scientific verification of the marketing statement in the contract) to implement kenaf planting and kenaf fiber pulping and papermaking projects in Yuxi, Yunnan, and contribute to the global papermaking industry

at present, the annual output of paper in the world is about 30million tons, and that in the United States alone is 5million tons. 60% of the process conditions for controlling oxidation depend on imports

through detailed investigation, weixinkang company believes that the climate and geology during the risi Asia Pacific sanitary products industry forum in Yuxi are very suitable for the growth of paper raw material kenaf, and in recent years, Yuxi's investment policy and environment have been continuously improved and superior, so it chose to invest and develop in Yuxi for mutual benefit and mutual benefit

the basic requirement for the compact style is that the two supporting end faces should be parallel to each other

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