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Yunzhixun was selected into the top 50 enterprises with the most investment value in China

on October 20, 2016, at the 7th CEO Summit of the largest crack national high growth enterprises, the 11th top 50 enterprises with the most investment value in China (hereinafter referred to as V50 list) was officially released. In this selection, which is known as the industry investment vane, yunzhixun was selected into the top list by virtue of its integration ability in the field of cloud communication, and achieved the 21st place

yunzhixun won the 21st place in China's best investment value enterprise.

for this selection, pengyulong, CEO of yunzhixun, said that in China, the communication industry has been changing and developing, and it is the general trend for Internet communication to replace the basic operator network. However, at present, some communication scenarios are still inseparable from the basic operator network, and the parallel situation of basic network and Internet communication will continue for some time, Yunzhixun has the resources of basic network and Internet communication, and has the ability to integrate the two perfectly. This is one of the reasons why the investment community is optimistic about yunzhixun PAAS platform, and it is also the strength that yunzhixun continues to accumulate in the field of communication

the PAAS open platform for integrated communication of cloud communications builds an integrated cloud communication service by integrating resources, packaging capabilities, and open interfaces, and packages the capabilities of integrated communication into friendly and convenient APIs and SDKs to provide developers, so that enterprises/developers can quickly and easily access the communication capabilities, and provide authentication, anonymous call, video call, conference, call center, voice group chat Im (instant messaging) and other communication functions have been successfully used in o2o life services, collaborative office, e-commerce, express logistics, transportation, real estate, medical treatment, communication and intelligent hardware, etc. with the continuous improvement of building energy conservation requirements and comfort requirements in China

as a leading cloud communication platform in China, yunzhixun established half a year, and its sales of lead screw and silk mother as performance parts reached 37million, and served Alibaba, Tencent, UFIDA, Kingdee and other major customers. According to pengyulong, CEO of yunzhixun, yunzhixun achieved a revenue of 160million in 2015 and is expected to reach billion in 2016. The growth rate of the company's turnover over the same period has exceeded that of twillio, which was listed in the United States in May this year. It is not accidental that it has won unanimous favor from the capital market. With the development and growth of the Internet industry and the continuous innovation of communication methods, the cloud communication platform, as a deep service in the communication industry, has a promising future

it is understood that the V50 selection of this year's list has been launched since March 2016, and 1000 + enterprises have entered the preliminary evaluation through the first round of screening. Through the strict preliminary evaluation and re evaluation, the professional opinions of nearly 100 opinion leaders and elites in the investment community have been gathered, and finally created the top 50 enterprises with the most investment value in China and the top 50 new shoots list. The selection of yunzhixun this time shows the concern of the investment community in the field of cloud communication when the experimental machine meets or is satisfied with the set binding parameters, as well as the high recognition of the ability of yunzhixun integrated communication platform

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