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Celanese has set up a "scholarship for outstanding engineers" at Nanjing University of technology

Celanese announced on October 13 that it will set up a "Celanese scholarship for outstanding engineers" in Nanjing University of technology. The scholarship aims to promote the development of science, technology and engineering education in the community, while using enterprise resources to help universities cultivate future engineers. The launching ceremony of the scholarship was recently held in Nanjing University of technology. Celanese, the school leaders and the school teachers and students attended the launching ceremony

"Celanese outstanding engineer scholarship" will recognize students who show excellent innovation and practical ability. Every year, 30 full-time students of the College of chemistry and chemical engineering will receive scholarships. Different from general scholarships, the "Celanese outstanding engineer scholarship" not only includes scholarship incentives, but also covers a series of chemical engineer training programs. Celanese will send experienced engineers and experts to teach students, and greatly increase the proportion of exports from emerging countries. It is understood that these contents specifically include setting up a daily communication platform between students and Celanese tutors, and regularly carrying out topic discussions and training in chemical engineering. Celanese will organize a series of activities, such as factory visits and internship opportunities, so that the award-winning students can experience the work of chemical engineers

"Celanese outstanding engineer scholarship" is part of Celanese global corporate social program. Celanese has recently launched a science and education project to vigorously support the science, engineering and mathematics education undertakings in its business location. The successful establishment of this scholarship also means the smooth start of the project. After that, the company will carry out a series of activities

"Giving back to the society is an indispensable part of Celanese's corporate society. As a sensitive enterprise committed to sustainable development, Celanese recognizes that it is of great significance to integrate a variety of domestic and international norms and integrate a variety of experimental methods to help the community develop these important engineer skills. This scholarship and mentor program will help improve students' practical application ability and deepen their understanding and understanding of the chemical industry. ”Robert King, general manager of Celanese Nanjing plant, said

the number of engineers in China is among the highest in the world. How to cultivate excellent engineers is particularly important. In June, 2010, the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China launched and implemented the "excellent engineer education and training plan". Its main goal is to cultivate a large number of high-quality engineering and technical talents with strong innovation ability and meet the needs of economic and social development by selecting the industry, facing the world and facing the future according to the wall thickness of plastic parts within the range of 20 (9) degrees. Celanese actively responded to the call to set up "Celanese excellent engineer scholarship" in Nanjing University of Technology (the first batch of pilot institutions of the national "excellent engineer education and training plan") to help cultivate future engineers

"Celanese is the first company to respond to the 'excellent engineer education and training program' and set up a special scholarship in Nanjing. The school is very grateful for its strong support and help. The successful establishment of this scholarship project once again shows Celanese's high sense of corporate society and further deepens the cooperation between the school and Celanese." Zhang Jinming, assistant to the president of Nanjing University of technology and director of the academic affairs office, said

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