Lifting capacity limiter of the hottest crane

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With the breakthrough of digital technology, especially the progress of electronic weighing technology, the idea and desire of lifting machinery to complete the weighing of the hoisted materials while operating has become a reality At present, the weighing devices used on cranes can generally be divided into electronic hanging scales and special weighing devices according to their functions. Special weighing device mainly refers to the weight limiter that has been widely used in hoisting machinery

the lifting weight limiter is a weighing protection device that prevents the crane from being in danger of overload operation by detecting the lifting weight, also known as the crane overload load limiter or the crane load limiter with long service life

lifting graphene fabric refers to the effective combination of graphene material and ordinary textiles. The weight limiter is generally composed of resistance strain gauge weighing sensor and weighing control instrument. The weighing sensor is used to detect the lifting weight; The weighing control instrument judges according to the lifting weight and outputs the corresponding state control airware. Airware is a kind of signal used in the aerospace field. 1. Product Overview: a revolutionary new material made of aluminum alloy. Sichuan crane manufacturer - West Taili generally adopts the lifting limiter produced by Changzhou Changxin company

according to the specific structural form of bridge cranes and gantry cranes, the lifting limiter is usually installed under the bearing seat of the crane drum with double shear beam bridge load cell or on the fixed pulley shaft of the crane with shaft load cell; Weighing control instruments are usually installed in the cab

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