Light industry standard of the hottest paper dryer

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This standard specifies the type, basic parameters, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage of the paper dryer

this standard is applicable to circular paper dryer and Bridge paper dryer

2 reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. When this standard is published, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest versions of the following standards

GB 191-1990 pictorial signs for packaging, storage and transportation

gb/T 6388-1986 shipping and receiving marks of transportation packaging

gb/T 9969.1-1998 general instructions for industrial products

gb/T 13306-19 first 91 signs

GB/T 13384-1992 general technical conditions for packaging of mechanical and electrical products

gb/T 14436-1993 general rules for industrial product assurance documents

JB/T 3090-1999 printing machinery product model compilation method

3 type and basic parameters

3.1 product type

3.1.1 circular paper dryer

3.1.2 Bridge paper dryer

a) single row Bridge paper dryer

b) double row bridge type paper dryer

3.2 see Table 1 for basic parameters:

Table 1 basic parameters

type project circular paper dryer Bridge paper dryer single row double row production capacity order/h203050 maximum paper drying width m until it twists and turns and may break m880 × 1230 paper hanging shaft speed m/min0.07 ~ 0.50.4 ~ 0.80.4 ~ 0.812610 applicable paper range g/M250 ~ 120 fan flow m3/h4100 ~ 10000 fan wind pressure pa490 ~ 1176

3.3 product model and name shall comply with JB/T 3090

4 technical requirements

4.1 the paper dryer shall comply with the provisions of this standard and be manufactured according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the specified procedures

4.2 the paper drying effect should be able to blow away debris such as paper scraps and dust, so that the paper can be dried and wet evenly and adapt to the printing state

4.3 use 50-120g/m2 paper with a thickness within the range of 6 ~ 12mm. It should be able to move the paper smoothly after being loaded into the paper hanging clip

4.4 the noise (sound pressure level) shall not be greater than 85 dB (a)

4.5 the bearing temperature rise should be less than 35 ℃

Guoxiang Machinery Industry Bureau 1999 - approved the implementation of

4.6 the machine operates smoothly and drives normally. The motion mechanism is accurate, flexible, free of jamming and spontaneous movement

4.7 the machine starting, braking mechanism and electrical system work sensitively, safely and reliably to ensure that the machine can stop at any position

4.8 the lubrication system works reliably, and the oil circuit is unblocked without oil leakage

4.9 each product must have reliable safety protection devices and safety protection measures

4.10 electrical quality

4.10.2 the resistance between the external protective conductor terminal and any exposed conductor parts of the electrical equipment and the fuselage shell should be less than 0.1 Ω soon

4.10.3 the insulation resistance between the short-circuit power circuit conductor and the protection circuit conductor shall not be less than 1m Ω

4.10.4 all circuit conductors of electrical equipment and grounding circuits shall undergo a withstand voltage test for 1s, except for circuits with voltage lower than PELV

4.11 the mean time between failures (MTBF) of the paper dryer is 3700h

4.12 appearance quality

4.12.1 the exposed surface shall be free of bumps, pores, depressions, sand limits, bumps, scratches, rust and other defects that are detrimental to the appearance

4.12.2 the coating of painted parts should be smooth and flat, and the color and gloss should be uniform. If art paint is used, its pattern should be uniform, and the paint film should be full without obvious prominent particles and adherents. The paint film should not have sagging, blistering and other defects

4.12.3 the assembly position is correct, and the joint part should not be misaligned

4.13 scope of supply of complete sets of products:

a) main body of paper dryer

b) motors, fans and their control equipment

c) necessary operation and maintenance tools

d) necessary accessories and vulnerable parts

5 test method

5.1 idling test

each product must undergo idling test Operate the machine continuously at the rated speed for 30min and at the minimum speed for 60min, which shall comply with the provisions of 4.6 ~ 4.9

5.2 paper feeding test

5.2.1 according to the specified paper hanging thickness, carry out a paper feeding cycle with full load and low speed, and the small paper can fall by its own weight during the paper feeding process

5.2.2 during the paper pouring process of single row bridge products, it is not allowed to have serious corner folding (the length of folding line shall not exceed 10mm, and the number of corner folded papers shall not exceed 10% of the number of paper poured at one time) and paper tearing, and the paper dropping rate shall not exceed 3%

5.3 measure the product noise with ordinary municipal level meter a level 6. Four side points are distributed on the symmetry axis of the paper dryer, and a maximum noise point is determined by throat patrol measurement. The horizontal position of the measuring point is 1m away from the contour of the machine, and the height is half of the sum of the height of the paper dryer and 1m. The average calculated water value of the five measured values shall comply with the provisions of 4.4

5.4 use a point thermometer to measure the bearing temperature, which should meet the requirements of 6. Before using the tensile testing machine, it must be put on and run to ensure that there is no fault before it can be loaded and used, which conforms to the provisions of 4.5

5.5 visual inspection of appearance quality shall comply with the provisions of 4.12

6 inspection rules

6.1 factory inspection

6.1.1 each product must be inspected according to the contents specified in 5.1 and 5.5. 5% (no less than two) of each batch of products shall be sampled for 5.2 paper feeding and 5.3 noise inspection

6.1.2 if one item in the sampling inspection is unqualified, the sampling inspection shall be doubled. If it is still unqualified, the item of this batch of products shall be fully inspected

6.1.3 the paper dryer must be inspected and passed by the quality inspection department of the manufacturer according to the provisions of this standard before leaving the factory

6.2 type inspection

when the product structure, process, materials or components are significantly changed and new products are identified, All items of this standard should be inspected (except 4.12 and 4.31)

7 mark

after all, it is the first product in China that is jointly established by China Hengrui Corporation, a leading enterprise in the carbon fiber composite products industry, and the Fraunhofer ICT, a leading global research institution of utilization science. Each product should be fixed with a label in a visible part, The size of the label shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 13306, and its contents shall include:

a) the name of the manufacturer

b) product model and name

c) main parameters of the product

d) manufacturing date (or number) or production batch number

7.2 the packaging, storage and transportation marks of products shall be correctly selected in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB 19. All packages with obvious deviation from the center of gravity and lifting shall be marked with the marks of "lifting from here" and "center of gravity"

7.3 the shipping and receiving marks of transportation packages shall comply with the relevant provisions of gb/t 6388

8 packaging, transportation and storage

8.1 packaging

8.1.1 product packaging flow, the exposed processing surfaces of machine parts, spare parts and accessories should be coated with rust inhibitor, and the processing surfaces of main parts should also be wrapped with moisture-proof paper

8.1.2 the product packaging should comply with the provisions of cb/t 1384

8.1.3 accompanying documents: when each product leaves the factory, the following documents must be provided:

a) product certificate: the preparation of product certificate shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 14436

b) product operation manual: the contents of the product operation manual shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 9969.1

c) packing list

d) installation drawing

8.2 transportation: when the product is transported and hoisted, it should be connected with the marks marked on the outer wall of the packing box, and be handled with care to prevent collision

8.3 storage: products should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid dampness. If stored in the open air, rainproof measures should be taken. If the storage period is more than 2 years, it should be unpacked for inspection before leaving the factory. If it is found that the product packaging has not met the relevant provisions, it should be repacked

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