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The rapid development of urban lighting construction has led to the rapid development of urban lighting construction. While meeting the travel and transportation needs of citizens, urban lighting has gradually risen to reflect the culture and personality of the city, and has become a strategy and tool for the city to enhance the night tourism economy

all city governments attach great importance to urban lighting, and have carried out urban lighting construction to varying degrees, and take the construction of urban lighting projects as an important measure to improve and beautify the urban environment. Making cities bright and beautiful has become the consensus of leaders at all levels and all sectors of society. With the attention of governments and leaders at all levels, urban lighting projects in China have achieved unprecedented development. So, what are the stages of urban building lighting

the first stage: lighting stage

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the initial urban lighting mainly used the form of lighting to decorate the city. Neon light is a very common decorative tool, which is an integral part of the urban landscape. The colorful urban night scene not only created a good and safe light environment for people's activities at night, At the same time, it also enriched people's spiritual and cultural life

the second stage: in the stair projection stage, when the experimental machine measures high molecular materials,

building projection is also called architectural projection, also known as "3D Pandora" in the industry. It is a screen that takes the outer wall of the whole building after special processing as the image support, and uses advanced engineering projector projection technology, combined with the sound, photoelectric, light and shadow effect, to create a perfect visual effect and interpret an amazing visual feast, It makes people produce visual dislocation in the process of appreciation, and its effect is like that the image on the building surface is separated from the body of the building and suspended in the air, bringing people shocking visual enjoyment. In the lighting stage of urban buildings 0615, its shocking huge display screen, coupled with the location will be selected on the city's landmark buildings, will have a huge publicity effect in a short time, and its popularity will soar. The report points out that the scene is hot. The only drawback is that the stair projection is very demanding on light, and only at night can it show a shocking effect

the third stage: LED lighting stage

there are many products of LED lighting, including LED pixel lights, LED light strips, LED display screens, etc. as part of the urban lighting project, led building lighting has beautified the night sky of the city, improved its own image, become self publicity, reflect culture, improve popularity, and even become a landmark building of the city. In the lighting project of LED stairs, outdoor LED displays occupy a large part. Due to the increasingly strict approval of outdoor advertising in cities, the development of outdoor LED display has entered a bottleneck period. At this time, the emergence of another new type of display technology has well broken this dilemma, that is, transparent LED display screen, also known as glass curtain wall led display screen. Its original height is transparent, does not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight, and its good imaging display effect is favored by the majority of advertising companies whose thickness is measured at one point at both ends 15 mm from the center line of the length of the specimen, and it is rapidly popularized in first tier cities. With the progress of science and technology, there are more and more buildings rising from the ground, and the area of glass curtain walls is also growing. In the future, the types of display technology will become more and more, and the new multimedia curtain wall technology with glass curtain wall as the carrier will gradually rise. Technology is around us, the same urban lighting, different visual enjoyment

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