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Liebherr with two excavators appeared at the 2016 Western International Mining Exhibition

Liebherr with two excavators appeared at the 2016 Western International Mining Exhibition

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2016 Western International Mining Exhibition is a professional exhibition organized around the exhibition of metal mining and beneficiation equipment and technology. The exhibition focuses on reducing the production cost of mining enterprises and improving the production efficiency of enterprises, There is still a long way to go for the popularization of degradable materials to achieve the profit goal of enterprises, including mining technical equipment, beneficiation technical equipment, mine environmental protection and energy saving equipment, mine safety equipment and related mine service projects

Liebherr contributed to the 2016 Western International Mining Exhibition

at this exhibition, Liebherr brought two crawler backhoe hydraulic excavators, r924 and r944csme, to the market in a low profile. This is the first time Liebherr participated in the Western Mining Exhibition. R924 and r944csme took the lead in meeting the stageiia/tier3/gbiii emission standards at the same level in the industry. As an expert and leader in the field of earth moving mining machinery, Liebherr has attracted the attention of many customers and exhibitors since the moment the equipment entered the site

as the exclusive agent of Anhui ceramic aluminum New Material Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University in Huaibei City, Yunnan Province authorized by Liebherr machinery service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Yunnan lier Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. undertook the exhibition of the whole Liebherr earthwork and mining machinery unit in the Western Mining Exhibition. The two-day indoor exhibition was warm and grand. Customers, professional visitors and exhibitors all enthusiastically came to Liebherr booth for consultation and observation. Among them, there are more than 30 registered target customers, more than 6 customers with clear purchase demands on site, and 3 sets of deposits are charged. From the situation of on-site communication with customers, Liebherr of pure German descent has a strong historical background in the construction machinery industry, which is the main reason to attract their attention. The products designed and built by German craftsman spirit have been deeply rooted in China, and construction machinery is no exception. Kunming TV station, which followed the exhibition, paid special attention to Liebherr's booth and interviewed Mr. Li Peiliang, the national sales director of Liebherr machinery service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on the spot. President Li made a professional analysis of Liebherr's current situation, market strategy and future construction machinery market trend in China, and was optimistic about Liebherr's sales expectations in the western market, especially in Yunnan market

Liebherr booth

this is a relatively successful medium and large-scale exhibition and Exhibition attempt led by Liebherr agents. The exhibition reached the expected goal of the agents and effectively expanded the influence of Liebherr earthwork and mining machinery in the Yunnan market

briefly review Liebherr's products: in the design stage, Liebherr is committed to developing a consistent and optimized overall system by combining its deep technical knowledge in each field. Liebherr's leading electronic components, transmission and positive flow control hydraulic systems, etc. are highly integrated and rooted in each equipment from the beginning of design. The component manufacturing centers in Germany and Switzerland ensure the highest quality of components, so that the complete equipment has the best match before bearing the tension FM, and the operation is more efficient, reliable and lasting

1. The new r924 launched in April 2016 is equipped with a 1.45 cubic bucket, which adopts large transmission components, dual working main pumps, new positive flow control hydraulic and integrated regeneration circuit system, with more efficient excavation, walking/slewing capacity and lower fuel consumption. Whether it is leveling the site, excavating and loading or lifting materials, r924 has excellent performance. According to the customer's feedback, the country has issued a series of automobile industry development policies l/h

2. R944csme, which is born from the comprehensive operation function of large-scale earth rock excavation and mine stripping, should adopt a higher-level r954c large-size chassis, equipped with 2.5 cubic meters of heavy-duty bucket. R944csme's unique boom release pin design and cast steel support structure provide the best stress flow for excavators of the same level in the industry. Boom pressureless drop (speed increased by 25%), advanced flow regeneration function, boom lifting safety valve and hydrostatic drive fan ensure minimum fuel consumption, faster working cycle (increased by 9%) and maximum digging force output. The core components include engines, hydraulic pumps and motors, slewing and slewing reducers, and electronic components, all of which are independently developed and manufactured by Liebherr. The customer reported that the comprehensive fuel consumption was l/h, and the fuel economy, reliability and stability of the equipment were highly recognized by the users

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