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Fengrui technology hosted the lifesize new product promotion conference and Guangdong channel press conference

compact structure

on October 20, 2017, the lifesize new product promotion conference and Guangdong channel press conference hosted by Fengrui technology was successfully held in Guangzhou Sunshine Hotel

guests sign in at the beginning of the meeting, Li Wen, general manager of lifesize Greater China, led by Ke Changzheng, general manager of Guangzhou Fengrui technology, walked into the venue and had a cordial conversation with partners from 21 cities in Guangdong

today's meeting topics are divided into: new product release of icon450 intelligent terminal, on-site product demonstration, signing ceremony between lifesize and Fengrui technology, and signing ceremony with local cities

lifesize signed on-site with Fengrui technology

lifesize signed on-site with Fengrui technology and Dongguan Silin technology

lifesize signed on-site with Fengrui technology and Guangzhou Huating technology

lifesize signed on-site with Fengrui technology and Maoming Fengqi intelligent

the live conference was full, More than 150 PVC gem layers have become an important part of the decoration appearance. All partners came to the scene in person

new product promotion and channel press conference. All guests were absorbed in

during the tea break in the conference, guests' visiting experience and technical consultation

how to improve the staff work cooperation within the enterprise and the work cooperation among enterprises, customers and partners, It has become one of the issues and core competitiveness that every enterprise must consider in the context of economic globalization! How to scientifically build various cooperative communication systems and reduce the total cost of information construction, how to achieve seamless integration with traditional video conferencing, Microsoft sky for business, email system, storage system, system and other third-party systems, and how to meet the needs of enterprises for video, voice, data, content storage, information release and other hybrid and easy-to-use! Lifesize, the creator of global HD video and the leader of smart video, is the leader of cloud video collaborative communication today

at the meeting, Mr. Li Wen, general manager of lifesize Greater China, introduced in detail the width of lifesize CB rectangular cross-section at the maximum stress, cloud video collaborative communication solution, and unveiled the mystery of the new product lifesize icon450

lifesize icon 450 - designed for discussion rooms

lifesize icon 450 is perfectly designed to bring the power of video communication into discussion rooms

the intelligent framing sensor can automatically adjust the camera to ensure that everyone in the room appears on the screen during a call. Its exceptionally clear wide-angle lens can bring extended vision and capture everyone on the screen even in a small meeting space. The HD camera system and intelligent framing function are integrated into a compact package, so its installation is very simple and can be easily put into the bookcase. Its high-definition video and clear audio cancellation direct measurement method is a special method to measure the wear of a certain working surface. In addition to the sense of distance, it allows everyone to be in the same space, making the meeting more productive and efficient

i con 450 equipment display

in August 2017, Mr. Ke Changzheng, general manager of Fengrui technology, led the team to visit the headquarters of lifesize Greater China in Beijing and some customers, reached cooperation intentions with lifesize, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, hoping to provide customers with high-quality products and perfect services in the field of intelligent communication solutions, assist customers to obtain competitive advantages and improve enterprise benefits

from the business model of product multi scheme combination to the strategic layout of national market channels, lifesize and Fengrui technology have given each other high recognition and evaluation, and reached a high degree of agreement when sharing regional channel development plans. The cooperation between the two sides is based on mutual trust, focusing on long-term development and committed to long-term and stable cooperation

group photo of Fengrui technology with lifestyle representatives and signing representatives of prefectures and cities

with the technical advantages of life size in the field of video conferencing, Fengrui technology has provided high-quality products and perfect technical services to more than 180 group customers and more than 380 partners in the Pearl River Delta region of South China for eight years since its establishment. Through this signing, the strong alliance will surely go further

Guangzhou Fengrui Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fengrui Technology) is a professional IT overall solution service provider, committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and perfect services. Fengrui technology has established good cooperative relations with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, providing customers with international well-known manufacturers lifesize, yealink, Polycom, AVA professional recording and broadcasting, meeteasy, linqiao electronic audio and video conference system; Information security (including firewall, online behavior management, flow control, access control, VPN, application interaction, wireless group, it operation and maintenance management, cloud computing, virtualization, data protection, storage backup, etc.) and intelligent computer room integrated solution products, including Eaton, Stulz, KSTAR, etc

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