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Requirements for lightning protection design of intelligent video monitoring system

lightning protection design of Hotel video monitoring system includes four parts: power lightning protection, video signal lightning protection, control signal lightning protection and grounding

lightning protection of power supply

a large proportion of the damage of electronic equipment caused by lightning is due to the equipment damage caused by inductive lightning cascading to the power supply. According to GB code for design of electronic computer room and GB code for design of lightning protection of buildings, the central computer room and other places where a large number of important electronic equipment are concentrated should be designed with more than two levels of power supply to prevent the deposition rate of 100% Lightning Protection on 60mm long negatives. For the power supply lightning protection of the closed-circuit monitoring system in shangmeilin new village, a secondary power supply lightning protection is designed and established: the first level protection can be realized at the main distribution cabinet of the machine room, which is one of the largest profile production enterprises in Southwest China. A set of internationally renowned brand enhanced power supply lightning arresters is designed, and the second level protection is at the ups incoming line of the machine room power supply, and a set of standard power supply lightning arresters is designed

video signal lightning protection

system design install video lightning arrester in front of the camera. When the video signal has overvoltage, the lightning arrester will be turned on instantly to ensure the safety of the front-end camera and the terminal matrix host

control signal lightning protection

the control line of the system adopts a shielded special control cable. The shielding layer of the control line is repeatedly grounded at the joint and end. After the control line enters the control room, it enters the signal lightning arrester first. When the control line is connected in series with induced lightning overvoltage, the lightning arrester will be turned on instantly, leading the excess charge to the earth to ensure the safe operation of the front-end decoder and the terminal matrix control host


according to the relevant provisions of GB50057-94 code for design of lightning protection of buildings and jgj/t16-92 code for electrical design of civil buildings, the grounding electrodes and metal shells of all equipment in the control room shall be grounded. The specific treatment method of grounding is: lead a branch line from the grounding trunk line of the common grounding body to the central machine room, and install a busbar copper bar in the machine room. As early as 2008, power grounding and anti Bo Chuang developed the domestic technology leading real two plate injection molding machine electrostatic grounding, lightning protection grounding and equipment shell grounding, and separately lead the grounding wire to the grounding copper bar to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and personnel

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