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On January 24, Shengze market differentiated fiber market reference

differentiated cationic silk the overall sales of cationic silk market were flat, and the price trend of individual FDY varieties was slightly reduced. From the perspective of variety sales, the sales of cationic dty150d and 200D fdy50d can also move around, and the sales of other specifications are general. It is expected that cationic silk will be moderately consolidated in the future. The trading volume of polyester/polyester composite yarn is still declining, and the market price is barely stable, compared with (DT flat traction +poy) 100*100 and (DT flat traction + POY) 100*75, which can meet the requirements of casting experiment. The price of composite silk on the island is stable as a whole, but the trading volume is decreasing. The sales market of polyester/nylon composite yarn is still flat, and the trading volume has decreased significantly compared with the previous few days. With the main reason why it is difficult to accurately determine the shrinkage rate, the Spring Festival is medium activity, the downtime rate of looms in the near and downstream increases, and the purchasing power decreases, the sales volume of the three series of composite wires in the city will fall further

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