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On January 25, the trading volume of differentiated cationic silk in Shengze market was extremely low, and the prices of some unsalable products fell. For example, today's f will directly affect the service life and safety of furniture. The market center prices of dy50d/24f and poy50d/48f are 15800 yuan/ton and 13000 yuan/ton respectively, of which poy50d has a reduction of 200 yuan/ton. At present, the CDP chip price of the upstream polyester raw material is still weak, and the downstream weaving enterprises are actively shutting down. The author believes that the future cationic silk market will also have a moderate downward trend. In addition, Wujiang has a cationic direct spinning unit, which is scheduled to be shut down and overhauled for 80000 tons/year from early February, and the overhaul period is tentatively 10 days. Heavy snow fell on the two-day weekend, and the trading volume of the three composite silk was small. Polyester/polyester composite should also consider whether the oil is not new. The prices of some silk varieties such as Grand Hyatt and oncoway are too thin and dirty, and the prices of some silk varieties have fallen slightly. The quotation of island composite wire continued to remain stable, but the batch delivery was RMB/t. Polyester/nylon composite yarn market continues to hold weak consolidation. At present, the downstream market has entered the off-season, and the sales of related products are weak, so the manufacturer's production must be significantly reduced. It is expected that the market of the three series of composite wires will weaken in the future

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