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On January 24, PVC production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. PVC production in Yihua, Hubei Province is normal. The delivery quotation for export in East China market is 7250 yuan/ton, and the delivery quotation in South China market is about 7300 yuan/ton. Sales are normal

2. The PVC production of Nanning Chemical is normal. The ex factory quotation is 7500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of delivery to South China is 7500 yuan/ton. The delivery is mainly by automobile, and the sales are good

3. Jining Jinwei PVC production is normal. The ex factory quotation of type 5 is 7350 yuan/ton, and the export quotation is 7250 yuan/ton. The sales are normal

4. Huojiagou PVC is about RMB/ton, and the sales are average

5. Taishan salt PVC production is normal. 5 with the development of automobile lightweight, the quotation for export to East China is slightly higher and the sales are good

6. The quotation of Xi'an Xihua PVC is stable, and the local ex factory quotation is about 7100 yuan/ton. Because the local heavy snow affects the transportation, it is impossible to ship outside the province

7. Qingdao Haijing PVC production is normal. A few days ago, its 5 yuan/ton (partial acceptance), the quotation of type 5 material at the wharf in Guangdong is 7400 yuan/ton (partial acceptance), and the quotation of type 3 material at the provincial factory is 7200 yuan/ton (partial acceptance), with a slight discount for core customers. The factory said that at present, the dangerous effect of shipment is more serious and the rhythm is normal

8. The quotation of Henan Hengtong PVC remains unchanged. At present, the price for middlemen in East China is about 7100 yuan/ton, and the price for middlemen in South China is 7200 yuan/1. Operators should read the instructions carefully and strictly follow the operating procedures; Tons, but in recent days, due to the impact of local heavy snow, the shipment outside the province was blocked

9. The quotation of Shandong Haihua PVC is stable. The ex factory quotation of its type 5 material in the province is 720 a few days ago. Timely understand the user's demand of 0 yuan/ton (acceptance settlement), and the ex factory quotation of East China is 7100 yuan/ton (acceptance settlement)

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