Top 10 maintenances for railway bed

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Top 10 maintenance of lathe

pre shift protection:

(1) empty car test run

(2) smooth all parts according to rules

(3) check the orientation of each handle

(4) clean the dust on the exposed guide rail and sliding surface of the machine tool

Calculate the area; The following formula can be used to calculate the section shortening rate of low carbon steel

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post shift protection:

(5), cleaning workers, quantities, fixtures, clean and return; Component homing

(6) after the completion of each operation shift, the main power supply of the machine tool should be closed

(7), add oil to each guide rail surface (large, medium and small) and tool rest to prevent rust

(8) wipe all parts of the machine tool, and ensure that all parts are free of dirt, and that all guide rails have no traces on this surface (large, medium and small)

(9) clean the site, ensure that there are no chips and waste under the machine tool, and ensure that the working environment is clean

(10) clean all iron filings

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