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On January 28, LDPE Production and marketing dynamics of some enterprises

1. Daqing Petrochemical LDPE plant has a new high-pressure production of 2426k and an old high-pressure installation of 18D; Today's price: 18G is 13410 yuan/ton, 18D is 3360 yuan/ton, 18d0 is 13210 yuan/ton, 18e is 13160 yuan/ton, 2426h is 13360 yuan/ton, 2426f is 13360 yuan/ton

2. Today's price of Yangzi BASF LDPE: 2420h at 13800 yuan/ton, 2426h at 13800 yuan/ton, 1810D at 13800 yuan/ton, 2426k at 13750 yuan/ton

3. The LDPE unit of Qilu Petrochemical produces 2102tn00; Today's price: 2102tn26 at 13300 yuan/ton, 2102tn00 at 13350 yuan/ton, 2100tn00 at 13550 yuan/ton

4. Maoming Petrochemical's old LDPE plant, and the new high-voltage equipment, 2426k; Today's price: 13300 yuan/ton, 13300 yuan/ton, 13100 yuan/ton, 13200 yuan/ton for 2426h, 13150 yuan/ton for 2420h, 13500 yuan/ton, 13100 yuan/ton

5. The old high-voltage device of Yanshan Petrochemical produces 1c7a in the first line, 1c7a-1 in the second line, 1c7a in the third line, and ld160bw in the new high-voltage device; Today's ex factory price: 1c7a at 13800 yuan/ton, 1c7a-1 at 13700 yuan/ton, 1f7b at 14150 yuan/ton, ld150 at 13300 yuan/ton, 1i2a-1 at 14000 yuan/ton, 1i50a at 15100 yuan/ton, ld605 at 13100 yuan/ton, ld607 at 13050 yuan/ton, ld100bw at 13400 yuan/ton and then reduce the cost, ld160bw at 13300 yuan/ton, LD104 at 13. Many customers rethink their views on lightweight design by 300 yuan/ton, Ld163/165 is 13550 yuan/ton, ld160as is 13300 yuan/ton, ld100ac is 13300 yuan/ton, and LD400 is 13600 yuan/ton

6. Shanghai Petrochemical 1Pe plant produces dj200a in the first line, N210 in the second line, and q281 in 2PE; Today's price: q210 at 13500 yuan/ton, N150 at 13500 yuan/ton, q281 at 13600 yuan/ton, dj210 at 13900 yuan/ton, dj200a at 13800 yuan/ton

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